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We know that you are anxious to wear our special clothes and we strive to shorten the time they reach you!

The order is free of charge in Romania. If the items are available in stock, they will be delivered on the next working day via Urgent Cargus.

If items are not available in stock, they will be made at your order. It takes up to 4 working days to create them in our studio, plus 1-2 additional shipping days.

For orders shipped outside Romania, there will be added shipping costs on your payment.

The collections signed by Adrian Oianu are made of natural materials, carefully sewn in our studio and carefully sent to you.

If the product you ordered is not what you wanted, you can return it or change it with a prior notice within 24 hours of receiving the package. Any notice made by you after 24h from you receive the product is considered expired for returning.

Returning the product is within 14 calendar days after completing the return form and you have received our acceptance by e-mail. Packages sent without written consent from us will not be accepted.

For return:

  • the return of the product value is made within maximum 30 days from the date of delivery;
  • the cost of return shipping is paid by you;
  • If the return is resolved by returning the product / exchange with existing products in stock, the following taxes will not be refunded: standard or express delivery tax, customs duties, bank charges, exchange rate differences in EUR payments, other specific charges as appropriate. In the case of international deliveries outside the EU, no charge will be refunded for each destination invoiced separately by the courier company. Repayment of the product’s value, except for deductible taxes, will be made by card (in the case of online card payments) or by bank (in case of cash payments or by bank) in the account / card on which the payment was made, within 10 working days of receipt and product verification in our workshop. Please consider an interval of up to 14 business days until you see the amounts returned to your account; this interval depends exclusively on the bank or issuer of your card and over which we have no control.

For replacements:

  • we take care of your comfort and, if the dimensions you ordered are not the right ones, we offer product adjustments;
  • you cannot replace a product model you ordered with another different priced model
  • whether you want to resize the product or replace it with another one, the cost of return shipping is paid by us.
  • Products made to order on specific sizes or those included in discount campaigns are not refundable, but can be adjusted.

According to OUG 130/2000 art. 10 lit. c) – “The consumer shall not unilaterally denounce the following types of contracts … (c) contracts for the supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or distinctly personalized products …”.

According to OUG 34/2014 art. 16 lit c) – “They are exempted from the right of withdrawal provided in art. 9-15 in respect of distance and off-premises contracts: […] (c) the supply of products made to the specifications specified by the consumer or clearly personalized … ‘.

For a product to be valid for return, it must meet the following conditions:

  • do not have traces of its use;
  • it was not washed or subject to any cleaning or maintenance (cleaning using inappropriate methods or products);
  • it was not damaged, either voluntarily or involuntarily, as a result of mechanical shocks (tearing, nailing, hitting, knocking, scratching, driving etc.) or pet animals;
  • it does not show signs of interference or modification by unauthorized persons, including dyeing of the product;
  • it is shipped in the original package, along with its accessories and intact label.

We ensure that all our products are thoroughly inspected before delivery so as to meet the most demanding quality and compliance procedures. If the product is returned to a state that does not permit re-sale as a new one, then we reserve the right to send it back and not complete the return process of its counter value.

To register a return or exchange, please fill out the form below.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse return only after the products have been verified as described above.

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    2. Product information and return reason

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