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The story of Adrian Oianu’s creations: The Coat of the Queen

By 30 July 2019No Comments

All of our collections are special and have a unique story. But, the Queen’s Coat is a true tribute to Queen Mary of Romania.

Here is the story of this essential piece we have created to promote the Romanian identity:

Queen Maria, being a relative of the Tsar’s family was sending photographs to her family abroad as a gift around Christmas. Years later, a great Russian artist took over the photo archive of Russia and digitally processed it in coloured format. Among all the photos that passed through his hand, there is the one of Queen Maria wearing a unique coat.

The story of this item begins with Her Majesty’s traveling in order to promote our country. Queen Mary worked with craftsmen from the Campulung Muscel area to create this unique piece made in wool with hand-sewn embroidery. In its original version, the coat was lined on the inside with bear fur and had very long sleeves to keep His Majesty’s hands warm on the long trips he made during the winter.

In our effort to promote the Romanian identity design, we have discovered this portrait of Queen Mary and used it as inspiration. In this way we have restored a historical clothing piece, extremely loved and admired, for all the women of the 21st century.

We invite you to discover it in our online store. Wear it with love and pride!

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