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Our vision

By 30 July 2019No Comments

In June 2013, we have sketched our first “unformal” press release with some of our key values:

  • Adrian Oianu is the first Romanian designer who sought and explored the tradition of the Romanian people, taking elements of the traditional Romanian costume and reinterpreting them in a contemporary manner.
  • We do not believe in trends. We educated our public and communicated for years the necessity of rediscovering the Romanian identity in all possible ways. Our effort in the field is creating identity design.
  • Returning to the roots, understanding and assuming identity are powerful topics we spread in news articles, on online communication channels, in private discussions or events, on television etc. We put our efforts in this direction and we are enjoying the results we have.
  • We do not create traditional costumes. Starting with 2006, our each collection is inspired by specific Romanian elements and national themes or emblematic historical figures.
  • Our initiative and efforts will not stop with the passing of a trend. We do not buy popular shirts and shirts from the museum for one price and sell them online at another price. We do not copy traditional signs from books to put them on plastic phone cases.
  • The fact that we are strongly influenced in our creative approach through traditional Romanian elements does not mean that we are extremist-nationalists. It just means that we are not ashamed of our own identity. We speak proudly of the family we came from, the job we have, the home we grew up in. We proudly speak worldwide about our cultural identity and our traditional roots. This is not a trend. This is a constant and permanent effort.
  • The values ​​on which we base our approach are mirrored in our actions. The basic concept of our business is based on recycling and sustainability.
  • We collect and purchase old popular shirts, which we mainly keep in a unique collection of over 100 recovered by Adrian Oianu from different corners of the country.
  • And the ones that we cannot save, due to their bad conditions, we recycle them by building a sustainable business in the field of garments. We are saving the pieces of handmade embroidery and reintroduce them into a new circuit by adding them to some new clothing pieces.
  • These pieces were created by people to be worn by people. They were not created to lie in boxes or to be transformed into dust wipes, as it is sadly known to have been the fate of many handmade pieces and embroidery. With our help, they get to where they need to be: worn by women worlwide or in a unique collection that can be displayed on various occasions if requested.

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